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hidden gemz

onlyoriginal is now working in collaboration with hidden gemz.

you can check this guys flickr in the links bar and any future posts with hidden gemz  in the title or as a category will be featuring his work.

good shit.




not sure when this all started, but it escalated following this piece by Stoe CT:

taking offense to this, Done OTP decided to go over it with this:

(the quote cut out in the pic says “whatever it takes”)

what happens next is a bit of a mystery. the Done piece is gone over by Byron? and then gets dissed with pink emulsion. Stoe comes down shortly after to probably go back over Done, finds that it’s already been done and just puts a throw-up over it, also writing “what’s the point”. Idle seems to come out of nowhere to join the fun as well:

Stoe decides to paint above it all:

and then writes “Done Is Toy” on every available surface:

Done lined it all, and replied with this:

yeahhhhh you tell him Done, some innocuous line from a song no-one’s ever heard of, that’ll learn him….

Form cleans up the shit with a Star Wars themed piece: